Connecting the Dots has developed cards as part of the Parenting Partnerships Program to support practitioners to engage parents in discussions about both partner and partnership strengths.

SHARED JOURNEY together we are…

This set of 56 cards explore attributes and behaviours that make partnerships stronger – qualities such as being brave, making good decisions, caring for and being gentle with one another.

Use this resource to inspire positive conversations and traverse new territories of self-discovery and growth in your parenting partnership.

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TOTEM CARDS  Strengths to build strong partnerships

This set of 52 family strength cards draw upon attributes that help people to shape healthy relationships. 

People since the beginning of time have looked towards nature and the animal kingdom to acknowledge and honor individual and community strengths. Totems bond people together – families, clans, lineage, tribes, genders and age-groups and create feelings of unity and kinship, by encouraging people to find their inner strengths and those of the people about them. 

  • Shared Journey together we are…
  • Totem Cards:
    Strengths to build strong partnerships
Connecting the Dots strength cards are hot off the press! You’ll soon be able to purchase strengths cards on-line .

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Shared Journey: Together We Are

  • We understand that parenting partnerships come in many forms however is usually driven by two adults sharing the role of raising children together.

    Children learn to build and sustain their own relationships through their experience of relationships between the most important people in their lives – their parents. Children watch, listen, feel and learn. They take our lead.
    When we acknowledge and combine our parenting strengths we are stronger and more resourceful than either of us could possibly be on our own. We also become aware of gaps or weaknesses and can be mindful of tending to these areas.

Totem Cards : Strengths to Build Strong Partnerships

  • Families and groups thrive when they tap into their strengths

    This set of 52 Totem Cards can be used to help parents, children, friends, mentors and elders to find their own and each other’s strengths and use this knowledge to build strong and effective partnerships.

    The simple task of choosing a totem each week and using this prompt to explore the diversity of strengths within yourself, your children, your family and community helps your family to build and sustain positive partnerships.