The way that you respond to your partners call for help could have a big influence on family relationships.

Here are some really useful steps that you can use when thinking about how you are going to respond to a call for support. She might be saying that she is thinking of giving up breastfeeding, she might have just been told that she is going to have a Caesarian section when she has been working all day for a vaginal delivery or she might have just had enough.

Keep these on your phone or print them out so you can put them in your wallet or post them on the fridge.

1. Stop & Think

•What is happening for her just now?
•How important is what you are about to do?
•Have you taken time to listen to her?

2. Tell her.

•What she is or has been doing well
•A way in which you are proud of her
•What you are worried about

3. Offer to

•Help in any way you can
•Find the help that is needed

4. Plan – with her

•The best thing to do right now

o What is best for her
o What will be best for your child
o What is going to be best for you