Memories of him having my back got me through.


When I had my first child I suffered badly from post-natal depression. There were many times when I thought that the world would be better off without me and that I might take my daughter with me as well.


When these thoughts overwhelmed me I would think back to the day of Chelsea’s birth. When I thought about my partner Steven watching over me, encouraging me, and protecting my dignity it would always bring me back from the brink.


The best way that I can describe what he did for me is that he had my back. I knew all the way through that difficult and wonderful day that he was there 100% for me and for our baby. He protected me, cared for me, and focused all of his attention on me throughout that entire experience.


Knowing that he had my back and being able to remember the way he helped me through that day reminded me of how valuable I was to him. It still does. Knowing that he had my back was more important to me than all of the other help that was on offer.


I believed, because of that day, that he was there for me and that he would be there for me if and when I needed him.