The Project

Connecting the Dots is founded on the understanding that interactions between a family and a health or education service present opportunities to positively influence parenting partnerships. Unfortunately it is also possible that these interactions can be harmful to parenting partnerships when these potential influences are not taken into account and managed well.

Positive service interactions

Most interactions between services and families occur between a single representative of the family, usually the child’s mother, and service providers such as teachers, nurses, doctors, and other allied health professionals. However, this does not prevent services from finding ways to weave practices that promote, support and enhance parenting partnerships into their practice.

Connecting the Dots has and continues to work with services to map out their interactions with families and to collaboratively develop resources and practices that can promote and enhance parenting partnership quality during the routine interactions that occur.

Taking a break

Sometimes parents simply need someone to listen to their ups and downs.  Or to lend a hand so they can take a break and catch their breath.

The overarching aim of Connecting the Dots is to produce resources and ways of doing business that make service interactions more efficient and effective while at the same time enhance parent to parent relationships because it is these relationships that are most likely to have a long lasting influence on the wellbeing of parents and their children.

Parenting hand in hand