About Connecting the Dots

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Connecting the Dots is founded on the knowledge that…

  • parents usually identify their parenting partner as their main source of parenting support
  • high quality parenting partnerships can protect families against the stresses associated with the raising of children with highly challenging behaviours and other developmental concerns
  • parenting partnership quality shares important relations with children’s social and emotional development

Connecting the Dots aims to enhance practitioner awareness of the importance of parenting partnerships while also developing and testing resources designed to weave activities that support, promote and enhance parenting partnerships into everyday practice.

Who are your parenting partners?

Family, friends and community networks can be sources of support in our parenting partnerships.


To the many contributing researchers and service delivery staff who have each offered their extensive knowledge and experience in the field of family studies and community programs.

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Project Collaborators

CHRIS MAY PhD Key Developer
Chris has a long standing interest in fathering and parenting partnerships. This interest was fostered through more than 25 years of paediatric nursing experience which included 10 years as a paediatric diabetes nurse.
LOUIE HAHN, B.Soc.ScProduction & Design
Louie Hahn works as a creative production and design consultant. She delights in working with rich and diverse material embedded with the capacity to offer positive social change in family and community contexts.